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Most of the products we sell have earned the independent Green Seal of approval. All are environmentally-friendly in some way (reusability, eco-responsible packaging, all-natural materials, etc.).

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WOW! Miracle Cleaning Paste 6-12oz Tubs Per Case Vapamore MR-500 Vento 12 Ampt Canister Power Vacuum System
Wholesale Price Per Case $72.00
Wholesale Price $299.00
Wow! Miracle Cleaning Paste Vapamore Steam Cleaner MR-75 Aimco
Multi-Purpose Cleaning Paste removes touch stains on surfaces such as Rust, Burnt on Food, Grease Oxidation, Scale and Water Marks off many hard non-porous surfaces.
Vapamore MR-500 Canister Power Vacuum System features 1400 wats of total cleaning power.  Vento's HEPA filter helps to maintain clean, contaminant and allergy free air. Up to 99.97% free from pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold and other allergens.
Green Scene All-Purpose Cleaner 32oz 6 Per Case G1462032 (RTU) Drain Bug-Bacterial Enzyme Treatement 1 Gallon 4 Per Case
Wholesale Price Per Case $36.00
Wholesale Price Per Case $79.00
Green Scene All-Purpose Cleaner Ready-To-Use Drain Bug-Bacterial Enzyme Treatement
All Purpose Cleaner is versatile enough to be used for general cleaning or heavy duty degreasing. All-natural, highly active product formulated with multi-cultured strains of enzyme-producing bacteria and biodegradable surfactants. Effectively digests grease, oils, fats and other organic wastes.

WOW! Stainless Steel Towelette Cleaner 30 Per Canister, 6 Per Case Green Scene Bathroom Cleaner 32oz 6 Per Case G1460032 (RTU)
Wholesale Price Per Case $49.00
Wholesale Price Per Case $36.00
Wow! Stainless Steel Cleaner & Protectant Towelette Green Scene Bathroom Cleaner Ready-To-Use
Polishes without streaking and smudges leaving a protective barrier.

Bathroom cleaner easily removes stubborn soap scum and many other hard to clean oils.

Affordable Green Janitorial Products - Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products - Commercial Janitorial

Affordable Green Janitorial Products - Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products - Commercial Janitorial

All-Green Janitorial Products is leading provider of eco-friendly and non-toxic green cleaning products for industrial buyers, retail, institutions, businesses, consumers throughout the country. We provide high-quality janitorial products at affordable prices for businesses like yours and allow you to promote a healthy workplace for your employees and customers. Our cleaning products are not only effective in cleaning your working environment, but will also allow your employees to work more efficiently and assist in passing any local state health inspections.

With all of the conventional janitorial products available and being marketed to business owners, it can be easy to lose site of the fact that many of these cleaning products contain ingredients that can be potentially be dangerous to the health. Many of these products contain large levels of petroleum, which can cause respiratory problems, as well as having a negative effect on the environment. All-Green Janitorial Products offers an healthy and safe alternative to these conventional cleaning products that are affordable and effective in providing a sanitary workplace. We have listed some measures you should consider taking to promote a clean and healthy work environment.

Continue Reading is the leading supplier of name-brand and generic, Green or GREEN SEAL janitorial products and building maintenance supplies.  Featuring GREEN CLEANING PRODUCTS and earth-friendly brands such as B4 BRANDS, GREEN SCENE, GREEN TIME SOLUTIONS, NILODOR, BISSELL, OSM, WOW and CALIFORNIA SCENTS.

Eco Special!

California Scents Organic Eco Air Fresheners

Wholesale Price Per Case $59.50
60 Days of Freshness

Refills contain 46 grams of pure fragrance oil and are acetone free and biodegradable. Packaged in recyclable aluminum cans with metered lid. Scents last up to 60 Days.

Top Sellers

Green Scene Glass Cleaner
Wholesale Price Per Case $77.00
EcoDegradable Garbage Bags 13 Gallon
Wholesale Price Per Box $27.60
Vital-Oxide Disinfectant and Mold Control
Sale Price: $93.00
Works out to $15.50 Per Bottle!!
Aterra General Purpose Liquid Green Hand Soap
Wholesale Price Per Case $72.45
Focus Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate
Wholesale Price Per Case $64.00


KitchenStone Cleaning Blocks
Wholesale Price Per Case $59.00
Focus BIO 101 Bio-Zyme Cleaner/ Deoderizer
Wholesale Price Per Case $74.00
Focus TC66 Tub & Tile Cleaner Ready-To-Use
Wholesale Price Per Case $65.00
Bissell Commercial Dual Brush Sweeper #BG477
Wholesale Price $469.95
Organic Rust Remover Armor