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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE assists Cleaning Services
who want to expand into green cleaning market, a single source of supply for green cleaning needs for businesses and households is recognized by Cleaning Services for value, ease of use, reliability and product selection.

LONG ISLAND CITY, NY, 20 April 2008 http://www.All-GreenJanitorialproducts is the source of choice for Cleaning Services interested in growing their business and increasing profits while making an impact on the environment. When existing clients want their properties cleaned green, Cleaning Services turn to the authentic Green or Green Seal Certified product lines offers. When Cleaning Services seek to develop new clientele by offering green cleaning, customizes product configurations for their specific green needs. With spring-cleaning just around the corner, the demand for eco-friendly cleaning is growing and satisfied Cleaning Service staffers depend on to educate them about what eco-friendly really is?

Eco-friendly green cleaning products should consist of some or all of the following characteristics: biodegradability, non-toxicity, non-harmful to animals, humans or plant life and less harmful when sprayed in the environment.  These products should preferably be concentrated to reduce waste. This in turn is more cost effective to the consumer. Specifically, key elements to look for in a product when purchasing green are: having no petroleum distillates, no heavy metals, no ammonia, no chlorine bleach, no phosphates, no nonylphenol surfactants, no 2-butoxyethanol, no isopropanol, no formaldehyde, low volatile organic chemicals (V.O.C.), no ozone-depleting compounds, no known carcinogens, no skin sensitizers, no chronic health hazards, no dyes or strong fragrances, no fire hazards, no reactive hazards and being non-combustible.

Many products are labeled incorrectly and are not eco-friendly.  So how do Cleaning Services make the distinction of which products to purchase? They look for certifications on products such as Green Seal Certified, which requires manufacturers to go through stringent testing. Secondly, they use the above criteria to make a decision when purchasing a cleaner. However, most Cleaning Services prefer to rely on to do the research for them. “It is important to have a reliable source you can trust for your green cleaning needs, hence the reason for being developed” remarked Brent LeGunn, a founding member of the online supply company. The evolving interactive online store centralizes the latest in clean technology of green products from various manufacturers making it uncomplicated for Cleaning Services to become superior professional green cleaning specialists.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY is a new division of Supplies Unlimited, LLC., Long Island City, NY, a leading supplier of shipping, packaging, and building maintenance supplies since 1977.

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