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All-Green Janitorial Products provides an extensive inventory of natural and eco-friendly cleaning products that will clean without the dangerous chemical traces or residue.

Are you certain that the traditional household cleaning products that you purchased at your local grocery store are doing an effective job of ridding your household or commercial business from filth and grunge? Are you aware that the majority of conventional cleaning products contain chemicals and potentially toxic ingredients that can have an effect on the health of the inhabitants of your household or facility? Have you ever considered using green cleaning products, which contain organic ingredients that will ensure that your house is clean without the need for harmful chemicals?

The majority of adults in this country were brought up in a household that utilized cleaning products, which contained a great deal of ingredients that in today's world would be considered very harmful to the health of inhabitants. In past years, most consumers did not put a great deal of thought into what specific chemicals were used to develop cleaning products or the levels of toxicity involved. However, in recent decades a great deal of research indicates that many of these traditional cleaning products have proven to be very hazardous to our health. These conventional cleaning products can enter our systems through a variety of ways. For instance, we can breath in these chemicals, they can be absorbed through or skin, and then can mix into the water we consume.

All-Green Janitorial Products offers a full line of eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products for industrial buyers, retail, institutions, businesses, consumers Our products work to assist in transforming the environment into a cleaner, healthier place to live, while at the same time providing a healthy and sanitary environment for your family, employees, or customers. We have listed a few of our more popular products for you below.

BathStone Cleaning Blocks

BathStone contains non-conventional ingredients and is very strong in successfully cleaning all types of molds and mildews that may accumulate on the porcelain, tile, tempered glass, grout, and the majority of other surfaces within your bathrooms and kitchens. It is made up from recycled ingredients, which helps improve the environment by decreasing the amount of waste disposal.

Anti-Allergen Solution

Our Anti-Allergen Solution works to counteract dust mite and pet allergen in your carpet and upholstery to create a healthy environment for your residence and is beneficial for people who are susceptible to allergies and asthma attacks. This eco-friendly Anti-Allergen solution is a safe and effective solution to reducing the effects of pet dander. If you have a pet in your household that is giving you any allergic reactions you may be experiencing. We definitely recommend it for anyone with pet allergies.

Drain Bug-Bacterial Enzyme Treatment

This is an organic and very effective cleaning agent, that has been developed with multi-cultured strains of enzyme-producing bacteria and biodegradable surfactants. It works to keep drains from getting backed up, prevents grease buildup in grease traps, as well as sediment residue accumulation. It works greatly in preventing your plumbing pipes from being clear of bacteria and protein buildup, which can cause your pipes to deteriorate and leak. It can alos be used as a stain remover for your carpets.

If you would like to cultivate a clean and healthy lifestyle for your family or group of employees, it begins with providing them with a sanitary and non-toxic environment to live or work in. All-Green Janitorial Products provides an extensive inventory of natural and eco-friendly cleaning products that will clean without the dangerous chemical traces or residue. Please take the time to search through the database of cleaning products displayed on our website. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer support center at anytime 516-945-9002 - Mon-Fri 8-5 Eastern time.