Making the Switch to Green Cleaning Janitorial Products

In recent years, the beliefs and understands of household cleaning products have changed. Many of the common cleaning products utilized by households and businesses contained what today may be deemed toxic ingredients and dangerous chemicals. It was the understanding of many that in order to provide a deep-cleaning for your appliances, floors, bathrooms, etc., that these discordant ingredients were required. Another factor that contributed to the general public's acceptance of these products, was that there were simply no other options available on the market. There were natural cleaning products available to consumers, however, it was of the common believe that these products were not as effective in providing a deep clean and also would not leave behind the fresh scent of cleanliness that more un-natural products would leave behind.

As we came into the information age, many consumers began to become aware of the dangers associated with the more popular cleaning products on the market, which they have been using. Research reports from the EPA became readily available, and as the information spread, many consumes became gripped with fear at the thought that they could be creating a toxic environment for their household or workplace. With the advent of many more green cleaning and eco-friendly janitorial products, many consumers have made the switch from using traditional cleaners. They realize that not only will green cleaning products contribute to increasing the health of their children and household pets, they are also very beneficial for the environment.

All-Green Janitorial Products is the leading suppliers of name brand and generic green and/or GREEN SEAL janitorial products and building maintenance supplies from numerous manufacturers. We have compiled a list below, which will outline some of the more important reasons why you should consider switching to utilizing green cleaning products.
  1. Traditional cleaning products may contain chemicals that are not regulated. Many cleaning products on the market today contain chemicals that have not yet been fully tested and could prove to be very harmful for people and pets. Research has indicated that up seventy percent of traditional janitorial products contain ingredients that contain dangerous chemicals.
  2. Green Cleaning Products are better for the environment. Studies have concluded that the use of many traditional cleaning products will lead to dangerous chemicals being released into your local habitat. By using green cleaning products, you will assist in lowering the levels of pollution in water sources, and protecting the ozone layer. A great number of green cleaning products will also utilize packaging which you will be able to recycle, thus helping to protect the environment in that regard as well.
  3. Using Green Cleaning Products will make your surrounding air healthier to breath in. The ingredients contained in traditional cleaners have been proven to cause asthma related symptoms for otherwise healthy people. A recent study performed by the Environmental Working Group has uncovered that approximately fifty-three percent of traditional cleaning products that were experimented upon, contained chemicals that were proven to cause harm to the lungs, while twenty-two percent have directly contributed to causing asthma.
In this day and age, the majority of people in this country are living very busy lives with a full daily schedule. They don't have the time to do the research involved in learning about the potential hazards involved in using traditional cleaning products. With all of the marketing involved and accessibility of traditional cleaning products, it may feel safe and convenient to grab whatever cleaning product catches your eye, while you are at the local shopping center.

All Green Janitorial Products are here to take the hassle out of purchasing cleaning products that are affordable and safe for your family, pets, or employees. We offer a full selection of green cleaning products, that ensure that every facet of your residential property or commercial facility is clean and sanitary, while at the same time promoting a healthy environment for its inhabitants. Please take the time to view our extensive catalog of green cleaning products. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 516-945-9002.