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Urine Luck Extra Duty Enzymatic Block/Screen 12 Per Case
Urine Luck Extra Duty Enzymatic Block/Screen
Completely Biodegradable.
1,000 Flushes Per Block.


"Urine Luck" EXTRA-DUTY URINAL ENZYMATIC BLOCK/SCREEN contains powerful biodegradable and biological cleaning agents housed inside a flexible urinal screen. The block itself combines surfactants for emulsifying soils, water softeners to help reduce limescale build up and enzymes to feed on uric acid salts and engulf odor-producing bacteria. When urinals are used, each flush releases these special cleaning agents plus a specially formulated bacteria blend that keeps urinal and drain lines at full capacity and odor-free. The bacteria settle in the waste trap and take effect on uric salt build-up. As the enzyme block cleans and deodorizes as the urinal is flushed, the flexible screen contains debris in the mouth of the urinal such as cigarette butts, candy wrappers, and such; enzyme block cleans and deodorizes as the urinal is flushed. Each urinal block contains millions of bacteria that are specially selected for their ability to produce enzymes that digest fats, oils, grease, protein, starch, paper, and urea. Each block/screen lasts for approximately 30 days or 1,000 flushes. Block is completely biodegradable. Contains no acids or paradichlorobenzene. "Non-toxic", noncorrosive, and safe for all drain lines and septic systems. The block also has a subtle "evergreen" fragrance. It should be noted though the product is designed to eliminate bad odors and not mask them with a heavy concentration of fragrance like many other products.

Wholesale Price Per Case $57.00
Units - 12 / Case
Unit Size - 4 Oz. Blocks

Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Business Days
Product Code: 1177


"Urine Luck" EXTRA-DUTY URINAL ENZYMATIC BLOCK/SCREEN is a biodegradable, natural, biological "GREEN"-related urinal solution that provides an odor-free, low maintenance, hygienic, pleasant washroom environment .


ELIMINATES WASTE BUILD-UP : Bacterial Enzymes work constantly to digest waste in pipes, septic tanks, and leach fields.

SAVES TIME AND MONEY : Each flush releases millions of bacterial enzymes that consume matter naturally, reducing unnecessary maintenance costs.

ELIMINATES ODORS : Reduces odors in urinal, pipes and septic systems automatically.


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